Wormrot Mini SEA Tour 2011

14 Jan 2011

Wormrot opening for Carnifex @ Embrace Hall, Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

We met at Arif’s house around 12 noon to pack the merchandise so that we won’t have excess baggage.  Went to Woodlands Checkpoint to enter Johor Bahru around 2pm. Thank God Arif lives nearby!  The show is happening at Embrace Hall.  It’s around 30 minutes drive from Johor Checkpoint.  One of the organizer, Harris from “The Four Horsemen”, picked us up at around 3.40pm.  When we arrived, no one was there yet as the show starts at 8pm.  So Harris treated us lunch at a nearby coffeeshop.  We went back to Embrace Hall and took a rest while waiting for the show to start.


The show in Embrace Hall was fucking awesome.  There were some guys from Penang who took a 12 hours train ride just to see Wormrot!  That was really touching and we really appreciate their support.  Everyone seemed to have fun; moshing, dancing,stage dive,etc…  The sound was not so good but the boys did their best to sync with each other coz they can’t really hear the sound on stage.  Carnifex up next but we had to leave halfway while they were performing due to some complications with the transport.  Took a picture with the guys from Penang who had travelled 12 hours and left at 11 plus at night for Singapore Changi Budget Terminal to catch our flight, which is scheduled at 7.10am.  We didn’t go home coz we had to check in at 5.10am.  Changi is quite far from where we’re staying and taking a cab from our home in the wee hours means we had to pay around SGD50 each.  Why waste money when you can sleep at a comfy playground…

15 Jan 2011 

Wormrot – Headliner @ Immortal Bar, Bangkok (Thailand) 

Upon reaching Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Jockey from Indie Pop Booking Agency could not meet us at the airport but he had arranged a 12 seater van for us.  The driver drove us to our hotel to check in and leave our luggage in our rooms. We met Jockey at 12 noon for lunch.  Lunch was a simple but delicious soup dish that normally Singaporean calls it “Steam Boat”.  Consist of meat and vegetables in the soup and you eat it with rice or noodles.  Finished our meal and went back to our hotel for some rest as sound check is at 3pm and the show will start at 4pm till 7.30pm.

It is our first time in Thailand so we didn’t know what to expect from the crowd.  They may or may not like it but the boys will do their very best at every show.  Turns out to be a killer show!  Crazy, crazy Thai crowd!!!  There were about 70+ people in total but it seemed like there were 100 people in there.  Stomping the stage and dancing like they’ve been possessed!!  It was like a Thai Boxing Competition!!  I was quite afraid the floor would just give way coz it’s on the 3rd floor and people in there just don’t fucking care. Lol…

After the show, Jockey arranged for dinner at a seafood place.  The food is TO-DIE-FOR!  Seriously guys, if you want to play a show in Bangkok, look for Jockey and he’ll arrange everything for you, TOP NOTCHED!  I can bet with you on this.  Don’t forget to go shopping at Bangkok.  It’s like paradise here; you can get anything and everything cheap!


After the most scrumptious dinner at around 10 plus at night, we went back to our hotel rooms to get some sleep.  We had to wake up at 4am to catch our budget flight to Vietnam that will depart at 7.50am.  We didn’t know that Check In Counters for Budget Airlines open 24/7 in Bangkok so you can imagine when we arrived at the counter, there were so many people queuing up before us.  Managed to catch the plane on time and off to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for our last show.

16 Jan 2011


Wormrot – Headliner @ 61 Club, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


When we reached Ho Chi Minh City Airport at around 9.40am, the Security Police Officers checked our luggage.  They would not let us through as we were carrying merchandise especially CDs.  One of them told me that; he can let us go IF we gave them 3 of our Abuse CD as there were 3 officers.  We gave them the CDs and that settled everything.  Hope they are into Grind coz I figured they might get heart attack when they listened to it.


There were a lot of people at the arrival hall and among the crowd, someone put up the Metal Horn sign and we knew it was Khuong Le, the organizer.  Got a cab and off to a food place for our Breakfast + Lunch.  While on the road, we saw a lot of weird but cool stuff.  For example: a family of 4 on a motorbike, 2 men carrying a few doors on a motorbike and seriously the list went on and on.  Clearly shows that anything is possible when you believe you can do it!  The driver’s thumb was on the car horn all the time. And all the time, you will hear car horns on the road.  The roads were very busy and there were vehicles everywhere you turned.  It was crazy dude!!

We had soup noodles and steamed pau. Pau is a type of Chinese steamed filled bun. It can be eaten at breakfast or at any time. The fillings are varied; they can be filled with beef, pork or chicken, bean paste or vegetables.  We went to check in at Hotel Kelly.  It was really the nicest 3 star hotel we’ve ever stayed.  Very very comfortable and clean! 


Khuong Le told us that the show will start at 7pm but the sound check must happen at 1pm due to the show permit.  In Vietnam, you need to get a show permit before you can organize a show.  The problem is, each band must perform 2 songs from their set list in front of the permit officers.  Once every band had performed, the officers will then consider if they should give the organizers the permit or not.  Yes, it really sucks big time!!!   So all the bands performed their 2 songs set and they had to play them mellow. It was damn funny watching the boys performed.  Fit and Rasyid were slow, Arif had clean voice at some part and the titles were wrong.  As how a Singaporean would say in Singlish “Anyhow shoot only…”  




After all that, the officers told the organizers that they must think about giving them the permit.  They did not agree on the show so there was a possibility that the show might be cancelled.  We waited for an hour at the club and after that, Khuong Le told us to go back to the hotel and he will contact us if anything.  Close to 6.30pm, Khuong Le knocked on our doors and told us the good news.  The officers had finally agreed after a lot of discussion.  The reason why they do not agree in the first place is coz Wormrot does not have a bassist and they feel that it is an insult to the music industry not to have a bassist if you’re playing in a band.  We laughed our ass off coz it was seriously the funniest and ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard!!  Khuong Le then told us that very very few people has ever heard of the genre Grindcore and we’re the 1st Grindcore band to perform in Vietnam.  It was really an honour! 

Again we did not expect anything much as it was also our 1st time in Vietnam.  So, when the crowd went crazy during Wormrot’s set, it was really mind-blowing for us as most of them were not Metalheads.  Some even brought their kids for goodness sake! The only turn off part was there were security guards during Wormrot’s set and the security was so tight that when people moshed, danced vigorously or do the circle pit, the security guards stopped them.  That was major turn off.  I mean, COME ON! People are enjoying themselves and these guys are just Shit Stirrer!  But all ended well with everyone being so supportive that there’s nothing more we could ask for. :D

Dinner was Steam Boat with noodles.  I guess it’s like their traditional dish.  They do have lots of soup dishes. Healthy lifestyle! Oh yeah, when you sit outside of the restaurant or any food place, you’ll have to sit on small chairs with small tables like they’re meant for kids.  It’s really cute!  We went back to the hotel around 1am.

17 Jan 2011


Sight-seeing in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


We visited the city at around 10am after a hearty buffet breakfast.  Managed to buy a couple of souvenirs.  The one thing when you go to Vietnam, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep your eyes open when crossing the road.  The roads are killer and CRA-ZY!!  See the video and you’ll understand what I’m saying!  You’re like gambling with death when you cross the roads there!!!  Unbelievable, Exciting but Scary!!



After the short sight-seeing in the city, it’s time to leave Vietnam and come back to small island Singapore… Oh yeah, did I mention the distributor of Jagermeister in Vietnam gave us a bottle to bring back to Singapore….? hehe…

We would like to thank The Four Horse Men, Jockey + Crew and Khuong Le + Crew for making our 1st SEA Tour a very memorable and successful tour even in the shortest period of time.  We really appreciate all the hard works being put into this tour.  And of course not forgetting the people who attended the shows.  You guys RULED so fucking hard!  And we’ll definitely be back to meet you crazy fuckers again!!! IN GRIND WE ROT!

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